Manuscript TitleAuthors
A Fuzzy Modelling Approach to NSE Criterion on Robust DesignOnur Köksoy, Melis Zeybek
Estimation Productivity of the Red Pine Southern Anatolia using ANFIS MethodEmre Kuzugudenli
Forecasting Chestnut Production and Export of Turkey Using ARIMA ModelUğur Başer, Mehmet Bozoğlu, Nevra Alhas Eroğlu, Bakiye Kılıç Topuz
Forecasting of Apricot Production by Using Box-Jenkins Method in TurkeyBakiye Kılıç Topuz, Mehmet Bozoğlu, Uğur Başer, Nevra Alhas Eroğlu
Forecasting of Beef Meat Production in TurkeyNevra Alhas Eroğlu, Mehmet Bozoğlu, Bakiye Kılıç Topuz, Ugur Baser
Genetic Monte Carlo Approach with Recursive Hyperparameters for Bayesian Neural NetworksOzan Kocadağlı
Online Retail with RFM AnalysisSemra Erpolat Taşabat
Optimization of Seasonal ANN for monthly energy demand forecasting of TurkeyHüseyin Avni Es
Regression Trees and Solar Radiation Forecasting: the Boosting, Bagging and Ensemble Learning CasesAlexis Fouilloy, Cyril Voyant, Gilles Notton, Jean-Laurent Duchaud
Risk Pressure Factor Estimating with ANN Search and Rescue Team Location Modellingİrfan Macit