Business forecastingANFIS and other fuzzy inference systems
Demographic forecastingFuzzy functions approaches
Energy forecastingFuzzy regression techniques
Environmental forecastingFuzzy arithmetic based methods
Financial forecastingFuzzy time series (FTS) forecasting models
Legal and judgement forecastingClustering based FTS forecasting models
Political forecastingArtificial intelligence optimization based FTS forecasting models
Technological forecastingArtificial neural networks based FTS forecasting models Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)
The probabilistic and conventional methodsFeed forward ANNs
ARIMA and related modelsRecurrent ANNs
ARCH and related modelsDifferent neuron models based ANNs
Nonlinear time series forecasting modelsHigh order ANNs
Threshold methodsRobust learning algorithms based ANNs
Bilinear methodsHybrid Models using computational and probabilistic models
Bayesian forecasting modelsForecast combination based forecasting methods
Filters and smoothing methodsEnsemble techniques based forecasting methods
Time series regressionBootstrap aggregation and other resampling based forecasting methods